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Chemtech's History

Chemtech was started by Jack McClure in 1976 to serve Arizona pest control companies.  Jack is an agricultural biologist who studied at Cal Poly and consults on many fields relating to plant and pest management.  In 2022 Fertizona, another Arizona company formed by James R. Compton in 1980, bought Chemtech with the idea of keeping up the same great standard of customer service and supply while adding a great breadth of turf and ornamental fertilizers plant health products.  Jack McClure continues to work at Chemtech and Fertizona’s current owner, Casey Compton, keeps a steady hand on the tiller of both companies.

Chemtech Supply and Fertizona are dedicated in supporting your needs by providing you with essential services and products to produce quality structural pesticide products at a price you can afford. We strive to offer our products and services at fair-market prices while protecting our customers’ bottom line. We are ready to supply you with instrumental inputs for your operation

Mission Statement
Spraying Chemical on Stairs

Our goal at Chemtech, through the sale of premium pesticide protection and the growth and betterment of the communities that we serve, helping our customers to achieve the maximum potential from their operations.

Brand Promise

Chemtech promises to balance industry expertise and service with solid business solutions. By offering the best combination of consulting, exceptional service and financial programs at a fair market price, we provide the right people, and the broadest range of cost reduction options to address the needs for ”bottom line” focused business partnerships.

Credit / Financing Options
Workers with Safety Vests

Chemtech considers the safety and health of employees to be of prime importance. No other resource is so vital to the successful pursuit of our mutual goals and objectives.

We believe in protecting and preserving these resources as much as possible through a proactive and ongoing Safety and Loss Prevention Program. Safety is an integral part of all our operations.

Chemtech will achieve our safety goals and objectives through employee training, safety awareness, and employee participation.

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Chemtech is known for its competitive prices, adequate inventory, timely deliveries and trustworthy employees. But, growers might not know that Chemtech also offers a variety of financing programs for its customers. These programs are designed to help growers operate throughout their growing seasons. Financing programs offered by Chemtech include:

  • Supplemental operating loans

  • Seasonal, product-specific incentive financing

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