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Furst®-Class Enhanced-Efficiency Fertilizer from Fertizona offers you industry-leading fertilizer powered by Furst Technology. A proprietary technological blend of amino acids and proteins, Furst Technology is designed to activate key biological and environmental responses in plants.


Each Furst-Class Enhanced-Efficiency Fertilizer granule is impregnated, and all liquid is infused, with Furst Technology as a part of an innovative crop or turf and landscape plant nutrition program.


This specially formulated line of products contains proprietary components that play an active cell signaling role, that directly open cellular ion channels which results in metabolic stimulation. Ion channels are uptake sites on the cell membrane where Fertizona's premier Furst-Class Enhanced-Efficiency Fertilizer mineral nutrients enter the cell.


Status influenced by the Furst-Class Enhanced-Efficiency Fertilizer determines the rate and extent of mineral nutrient ingress which can result in strong, established root systems, expansion of turf fill-in, improve green-up, and increase overall plant health and yields.


Furst-Class Enhanced-Efficiency Fertilizer is powered by Furst Technology – a patented proprietary blend of amino acids and proteins. Talk to your local Fertizona representative to further learn about Furst Technology.

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